Molecular Photonics Sydney is a multinational and multicultural group of researchers from all around the world. We always have exciting Honours and post-graduate projects for local and international students. Post-doctoral positions come up less regularly and will be advertised here.

Funded PhD/Masters opportunities

  1. ARC-funded PhD scholarship to work on laboratory measurements of new atmospheric chemistry mechanisms. The project will use the VMI and FTIR spectrometers, and discover the atmospheric impact of a new atmospheric chemistry pathway recently discovered by this group, called Atmospheric Photothermal Oxidation. E-mail: Scott Kable
  2. ARC-funded PhD scholarship to work on the atmospheric fate of hydrofluoro-olefins, which are the latest generation of refrigerant molecules. This project can range from laboratory measurements of the fundamental photochemistry to these molecules, to improving atmospheric models of how these molecules are dispersed throughout the atmosphere. E-mail: Chris Hansen
  3. ARC-funded PhD scholarships to work on exciton science and in the laboratory of astrophysics. E-mail: Tim Schmidt

Funded post-doctoral opportunities

We have no current openings for post-doctoral positions. Depending on grant success, we might have 1 or 2 positions opening later in the year, for commencing in 2022. Keep an eye on this page, and we will also advertise on group social media.

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